Scale up your platform with our crypto assets solution

Expand your fintech solution by including your own crypto assets in your business. Give your customers seamless access to crypto payments.

Build your own crypto business

With lightning network integration, we're able to offer unparalleled scalability and speed, making it easy and hassle-free to manage your digital assets.

Asset tokenization

This allows you to issue and trade digital assets by creating tokens backed by securities and utilities.

This makes it possible using tokens as means of payment and to boost the liquidity of users by enabling the investment and trading of fractional and partial assets.

Efficiency & compliance

Tokenization promotes traceability throughout the supply chain.

Each token represents a specific asset, and its transaction history can be recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable and auditable record of ownership.

Crypto micropayments

Many instant micropayments eliminate the risk of delegating custody of funds to trusted third parties.

This allows personal or corporate payments, collections and remittances, the possibility of using Bitcoins as a means of payment and audit throughout the process, among others.


Unlock the full potential of your digital assets

We encourage your company to innovate and upgrade your payment solutions, streamlining transactions and reducing costs using the power of Lightning Network.

Wallet as a service

Connect your platform with our solution to easily manage, transfer, and exchange any tokenized asset or cryptocurrency.

Crypto as a service

We enable crypto-native and financial companies to provide their own clients the possibility to exchange and store crypto on their own apps.

Crypto asset management

Unlock the Potential of Collectibles, Loyalty NFTs, and Reward NFTs Seamlessly Integrated into Your Wallet, Empowering Web3 Connectivity to Bridge the Physical and Virtual Realms.

Seamless integration, native swap and scalability

Our solution is seamlessly integrated into your business platforms. Giving you a competitive edge without the need for complex coding.

Safety, security and compliance

We provide you an efficient way to protect your private and sensitive data, by converting it into digital tokens that can be securely managed.

Crypto embedded

With our embedded solution, any user, regardless of their knowledge, can manage their digital assets by simply chatting.