Build your own Fintech product with our open API

Incorporate fintech solutions to your business model. On top of our wallet as a service platform, empower new revenue streams building your own customized user experience.

The future of payments is already here. Are you ready to elevate your fintech business?

No matter the industry or fintech solution you want, we give you all the knowledge, the technology and the inspiration for you to build and innovate.

Open finance ecosystem

We are the native open finance layer for companies and fintech.

In this ecosystem we include all the relevant players in the industry.

Flexibility and scalability

Our API platform can adopt to a variety of integrations to develop your wallet however you choose.

We give companies the opportunity to create any wallet experience they desire, customizing and scaling their solutions to meet evolving market demands.


Processes payments through LoRaWAN technology that allows the processing of charges without the need for 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.

With these connectivity capabilities, our platform enables seamless payment processing, ensuring secure and efficient transactions even in areas with limited access to 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.


Create your wallet experience

Take as many pieces as your company needs and put them together to create new experiences that transform your business.

Wallet as a service

We provide an easy way to integrate our wallet infrastructure with your own Fintech product. Helping businesses save time and resources on developing their own solutions.

Wallet management

We offer highly customizable wallet management features, allowing our clients to white-label or tailor the wallet to align with their branding and businesses. With our solution, our clients can handle account balances, cards, tokenized assets and payment methods.

Customer success

We accompany our clients in every stage of their implementation journey. In addition, we help them constantly monitor and optimize their KPIs and metrics in order to reach their business goals.

Multi currency

We ensure that your wallet can seamlessly handle multiple currencies, making it ideal for clients with international operations or dealing with various currencies in their business transactions.

Compliance - fraud and AML

Our solution includes fraud detection and prevention measures. Helping our clients safeguard their transactions and user data, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities or financial threads.


Our solution is PCI compliant, ensuring the secure handling of credit card information. Providing our clients a comprehensive and secure financial solution that meets regulatory standards.